Francis droom in vervulling

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Dear madam/Sir 

I am writing to thank you for your generous sponsorship that you have been offering me as far as I cab remember.

My name is Francis Mtonga. One of the older children from St' Nicholas Orphanage village. But I am now staying in the community outside makeni.

Honestly, I was longing to thank you in person all my life and I believe this mail will serve as the platform. You can not imagine the happiness

You brought to my life.

 Makeni Ecumenical Centre got me and my two brothers, David and Christopher at a very young age. But I still remember how amazing you are. 

Personally I always have this image  inside my head when Truss visited my mom with gifts when she was sick. 

Hence I want to take this time to thank you for the sponsorship and for making it possible for me to see each and every day for you only assured me a place to stay and the comfort that I needed with the best education.

By the way, I was studying Biomedical Sciences at Chikankata college of Biomedical sciences under the University of Zambia. I passed the final year examinations with good results as you can see on my attachments. 

I now aquire the medical laboratory Technologist practicing license with the health professional council of Zambia. 

I am currently, looking for Employment and I believe I will be called for practice Soon. 

Thank you Truss and Vrienden van Makeni for your great capacity of Love and kindness from the bottom of my heart. Dank u zeer en moge God je blijven Zegenen.

With Love, 

Francis Mtonga